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Learn how to create a healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable home, office or any other interior space - at no extra cost and with no compromises in quality - whether you are actually vegan or not.

This 6 week course

Empowers you to design & create vegan spaces without the confusion that often comes with it

- Allows you to be a confident and conscious designer when it comes to cruelty-free and vegan  
  interiors, be it DIY or professional

- Provides you with an added specialty and unique skills that you can add to your services, whether  
   you are actually vegan or not

- Is hands-on and focuses on practical every day design solutions and alternatives to animal-based     products

- Will be an absolute GAME CHANGER in the way you will design in the future
‘Vegan Interior Design in not an all or nothing approach, it’s about awareness and choice. If you take one step at a time, keep educating yourself and apply what you have learned the way you feel is best, it still has a huge impact. In Maya Angelou’s words: ‘Do the best you can until you
know better. Then when you know better, do better.’'   
                                                                                                      Aline Dürr, Founder & Director at Vegan Interior Design

In this course, I will teach you:

Materials & Finishes
You will learn how to replace negative and unhealthy products and materials with sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives that are good for you and the environment.

How to Design Vegan Homes
We will go room by room and look at all the specific elements in each space in order to define which stock standard materials and furniture pieces need to be replaced with easy to find alternatives.

How to Find More Clients
I will teach you how to tap into a fast growing niche market as well as marketing your new specialty to your general non-vegan customer base and automatically cut out your biggest competitors. 

Hi, I am Aline Dürr, leading vegan interior design expert and award-winning interior architect, thought leader, author and voice for the voiceless.

Well versed and highly experienced in building biology and healthy home design, I have been an interior design professional in the commercial sector for many years.

My company Vegan Interior Design is an educational platform teaching interior designers how to include a fast-growing conscious market into their customer base but also empowering anyone interested in interior design to create their own healthy and cruelty-free spaces.

My new online course educates, creates change, supports & empowers vegans and non-vegans alike. 

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